UK: FEPE’s Bob Wootton joins The Drum Creative Out Of Home Awards Judging Panel 2018

Bob Wootton, Executive Director of FEPE International, will join the judging panel of this year’s The Drum Creative Out Of Home Awards.

The Drum Creative Out Of Home Awards, which are still open for entry via deadline extensions, rewards excellence in out of home advertising, with categories for digital, design, PR and media specialists.

This year we are again opening up entries to companies across the globe. Out of home continues to be one of the most effective forms of advertising internationally, and we want to put the spotlight on anyone worthy inside and outside of the UK.

The Drum recognises that there is fantastic work in this medium throughout the world and we are excited to have partnered for the second year with global out of home body FEPE International to celebrate this. It is undoubtedly the most visual of all mediums, offering instant stand out and kudos for brands.

Despite the increase of online opportunities, it has continued to deliver impressive results across the globe, and with the rise of ad-blocking, we will undoubtedly continue to see a rise in investment in the sector. With this in mind, our judges expect some innovative work never before seen from all over the world.

Apart from Bob, our panel is made up from representatives from JCDecaux UK, Mediacom UK, BT Group, the Metro, Redbus Media Group, Maxus, Geopath, Pulse Creative, Goodstuff and many more.

Deadline extensions are still available so head to the Creative Out Of Home Awards website ( to arrange yours and start your submissions today.

Italy: Verditek subsidiary wins trial contract with Italian ad agency

Clean technology company Verditek announced on Monday that its 51% owned subsidiary Greenflex Energy - an Italian based manufacturing solar photovoltaic technology company - has won an initial trial contract with Media One - one of Italy's largest out of home advertising agencies - to supply and install its proprietary solar PV technology to power digital advertising billboards at outdoor bus shelters in Italy.

The AIM-traded firm said the trial contract, which was won in a competitive tender process, would see the company supply and install its solar PV technology at a bus shelter in the province of Rimini, Italy, in September 2017.

Once successfully completed, the trial is expected to extend to supply the company's solar PV material for approximately 20 further bus shelters along the Rimini-Riccione bus line in Italy, targeted for October 2017.

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UK: OOH Creatives: What makes them stand out from the crowd?

It’s common knowledge that a good OOH campaign depends on a variety of factors; things like regionality, channel mix and campaign weights are all important in determining success. But the one thing that has been proven to be the most influential is probably the most underrated; the creative itself. Previous studies by Millward Brown have shown that a good creative, one that builds strong brand associations, is capable of trumping everything else.

But what makes a good creative? At Talon we decided to try and answer that question by building Talon Canvas, our in-house creative testing tool. Talon Canvas measures attention and engagement using eye-tracking technology and real people. It can tell us which parts of the OOH creative people are more likely to look at, for how long and in what order. This allows us not only to optimise creatives for use in OOH campaigns but also to understand what creative principles work best in our medium. One of the first and probably most important learnings is that simplicity in OOH is key. Busy creatives that have more than five components, tend to underperform when tested with Talon Canvas.

This is simply because people’s attention is fragmented across too many parts of the creative, which also usually leads to a messy layout. Having in mind that in several OOH environments, we only have a few seconds of people’s attention, we need to make sure that the creative is simple and easy to understand. The essential parts of an OOH creative are the image, the headline and the logo as they allow people to quickly absorb the brand message.

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UK: Digital Out of Home advertising revenue grows 30% in Q2 2017, accounting for 46% of the total Q2 revenue of £278 million

Outsmart, the trade body for the Out of Home (OOH) industry has announced that Digital Out of Home advertising revenue reported for the quarter April to June 2017 is £127 million, which is a significant 30% increase on Q2 2016.

Digital now accounts for 46% of all Out of Home advertising revenue, an increase of 10 percentage points on Q2 2016. The conversion of premium Classic Out of Home sites into Digital, coupled with advertiser adoption of the flexible, dynamic and creative opportunities offered by digital formats, is driving significant growth in Digital Out of Home. Total Out of Home revenue for the quarter is £278 million.

This is up 1.7% year on year. On a half-yearly basis, the market is up 0.6% on H1 2016 as a result of the growth in Q2 this year. The growth also indicates that the Out of Home industry is in a strong position as it embraces the opportunities offered by technology. Justin Cochrane, Chair of Outsmart, explains that “the Out of Home industry is rebalancing as the digital transformation continues, but Classic Out of Home will continue to have a vital role for advertisers with its scale, reach and frequency.”

Mark Maitland, PwC Media Strategy Partner, comments "This quarter Digital Out of Home accounts for the highest proportion of revenue the sector has seen. We are looking forward to seeing the further developments in the use of technology for both display and buying that will push this number closer to the 50% mark."

Visit the Outsmart website to download a breakdown of all previous OOH revenue figures.

Ireland: The future of outdoor advertising includes deep learning

Researchers believe they have found solution to key problem with eye-tracking equipment In modern advertising, eye-tracking software and equipment can be very useful to determine how many passing pedestrians are looking at your poster or sign.

The problem with most of this expensive eye-tracking equipment is that is needs to be calibrated and does not always work in real-world situations, only capturing eye contact if the person looks at a specific area – usually right at the camera itself. The problem gets worse when crowds of people walk past or the light quality becomes poorer as it gets dark.

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UK: Celtic paint Glasgow green to revel in Champions League success

Celtic Football Club are celebrating their lucrative entry into the Champions League with a city-wide outdoor advertising campaign across Glasgow, sure to perk up at least half of those who see it on their morning commute.

Aimed squarely at their principle opponents, who no doubt feel more blue than ever, the billboard promotion seeks to turn all who see it green – be that pride or envy. The pre-prepared off-pitch celebration had been installed ready to go and fortunately the Celtic squad rewarded that confidence after a nail biting 4-3 loss (but 8-4 aggregate win) against Kazakhstani hopefuls Astana last night.

Spearheaded by Forrest Media, the poster pitch reads ‘This is how it feels… To be in the Champions League’.

The team's accountants will be just as ecstatic as their players and supporters in the expectation of a £40m windfall for qualifying for the group stages. Celtic are currently on a high having recently marked the 50th anniversary of their historic European Cup success.



USA: Rick Robinson’s Annual LA Summer Movie Landscape

By Rick Robinson, Partner/COO Billups

Movie critics have described this summer as a “scattershot season.”

The expected wave of noisy blockbusters never quite found its audience in some cases, while a handful of sleepers crept in to steal pieces of the pie. Seems like Hollywood was reminded of something we’ve all known for years – people won’t surrender their eyeballs easily. Like OOH messages must earn their daily right to be seen, movies must also earn their right to attract and keep people in their seats.

Time is our most precious asset, especially our leisure time, and we won’t give it up unless we think it’s worth it. This is particularly true for nostalgic promises that milk what’s familiar versus the liberating fresh punch of authentic, in-your-face storytelling.

The good news is that while we all know there’s never a sure thing, the movie studios continue to boldly post-up in front of Angelinos with a vigorous and robust investment in our lovely OOH medium. And for that, we say, “Thank You!!” Here’s a look at what crossed my path and got me thinking:

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USA: Out of Home Digital Transformation & Creative Discontent

Out of Home advertising revenue hit an all-time high of $7.6 billion in 2016. Combined with advances in audience measurement and an industry updated value proposition, there is a lot to celebrate across America’s thriving Out of Home market.

Digital transformation is helping to drive growth and modernisation whilst expanding the medium’s communication potential. Technological advances such as facial recognition, dynamic content triggers, and augmented reality, are all helping to increase the creative storytelling power of OOH. However, alongside positive financial growth and technological innovation, there has been a growing climate of creative discontent. Recognition that creativity has not kept pace with technological change, and that the medium could be playing a much bigger role in the Digital Age.

Dawn Hudson, NFL’s CMO, and major digital OOH spender, highlighted this dichotomy when talking about the challenges in bringing new ideas to life, at the OAAA’s National Convention in New Orleans. Hudson surmised that what really matters to marketers is connectivity, between mediums and consumers, for building targeted and tailored communication. To make this happen better use of data and technology are essential.

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USA: OAAA: Out-of-home advertising revenue up 1.5% in Q2 2017

Out of home (OOH) advertising revenue rose 1.5 percent in the second quarter of 2017 compared to the previous year, accounting for $2.38 billion, based on figures released by the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA).

Year-to-date 2017 the OOH industry is up 1.0 percent, and outperformed all traditional local media, which was down the first half of 2017, according to an OAAA analysis of Kantar Media data. “OOH continues to gain in media spend because of its contextual relevance, creative impact and integration with digital media," said OAAA President & CEO Nancy Fletcher. "These attributes have powered OOH’s position as the only traditional medium showing consistent growth over the past seven years.”

Among the top 10 revenue categories, those outperforming GDP in the second quarter were Miscellaneous Local Services and Amusements; Public Transportation, Hotels and Resorts; Government, Politics and Organizations; Financial; and Insurance and Real Estate.

Ranked in order of OOH spending, the top 10 advertisers in the second quarter were McDonalds, Apple, American Express, Coca-Cola, Geico, HBO, Warner Bros Pictures, Google, 20th Century Fox Pictures and Verizon.

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Australia: Facebook and Google coming for out-of-home, says Mark Ritson

As Facebook and Google have revolutionised the publishing industry, professor Mark Ritson is predicting a similar impact on the outdoor sector as it moves towards digitisation.

Speaking at the Future of Public Interest Senate Inquiry held in Sydney yesterday, Ritson warned of the diversification of the digital duopoly into other media platforms.

“It’s clearly a matter of time before outdoor advertising becomes completely digital in down town metro areas and that will open up an opportunity for the digital duopoly to enter into these areas,” Ritson said.

Once Facebook and Google begin to compete for outdoors budgets, it is likely they will cannibalise dollars once dominated by APN Outdoor, Ooh!Media, JCDeceaux and other outdoor venders - and our government is doing nothing to “liberate” these companies.

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Ghana: Advertisers renew appeals to pass Advertising Bill

The Advertising Association of Ghana (AAG) has called for the speedy passage of the Advertising Bill.

The Bill when passed will lead to the setting up of an Advertising Standard Authority which will bring together relevant industry players to ensure sanity in the industry. This is expected to be achieved by eliminating fraudsters and protecting the interest of consumers. The President of the Advertising Association of Ghana, Joel Nettey has also advised members to learn lessons from the recent happenings in the banking industry and ensure the right thing is done.

“Let’s learn from the recent upheaval in the banking industry and ensure that if we want an industry that will outlast us, we do the right things…Criteria for differentiating members of our industry has to be based on merit and qualification, quality of staff and the kind of work that we put out and so on.”

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India: OOH sector hoping for festive cheer

The first half of 2017 handed the OOH sector a triple whammy with GST, RERA and demonetization. With some of the biggest spenders on outdoor advertising like Real Estate, Automobile, FMCG, etc. suspending ad spends, July was an especially bleak month for the sector.

This year, the Pitch Madison Advertising Outlook had predicted the OOH industry to grow by 11 per cent as compared to last year to touch Rs. 3,234 crore. Considering H1, the industry is hoping that sentiment picks up during the festive period so that the year ends on a high note. The festive season, which begins late August, has traditionally been the strongest period of the year for the sector.

Last year, according to industry sources, the OOH sector would have seen spends increase by almost 25 per cent in the second half of the year thanks to the festive season.

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India: IOAA and AAAI will together implement a standard procedure for the OOH sector

Indian Outdoor Advertising Association (IOAA,) the industry body for outdoor advertising in India, has started working with the Advertising Agencies Association of India (AAAI) to streamline the industry. The two associations had first signed the agreement back in 2015 to set up a standard operating procedure (SOP) for the outdoor advertising.

According to Noomi Mehta, President of IOAA and Chairman of Selvel One Group, the idea behind the SOP was to bring stability to cashflows by empowering agencies, who can then put pressure on clients to pay on time, while making both agencies and advertisers more disciplined. “Though the original agreement was signed in 2015, it had not been put into action till now. We have now sorted all the problems and have begun implementing the SOP. We expect to start by September 1 and have approached the relevant government ministries. We have also sent a set of proposals to the various state ministries,” he told us.

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Singapore: Clawing for attention: Sampling machines tempt Singaporeans

The curious case of Singapore's affinity for big boxes that give stuff away.

In recent weeks, Singapore residents have had opportunities to obtain not only lemon-flavoured Oreo Thins but also cans of Carlsberg Smooth Draught from large metal boxes that appeared on the sidewalks of the Lion City.

The Oreo Thins Lemon machine, placed by Mondelez, working with Carat, Posterscope and Clear Channel, is a carnival-inspired claw machine that's situated on Bugis Street. In contrast to the actual carnival machines, which are rigged to take your money and give you nothing in return 99 times out of 100, this device is rigged to make it easy for people to grab packets of the biscuits (or 'cookies', if you insist).

According to a Clear Channel spokesperson, the machine is re-filled several times a day and is giving away about 400 packets each weekday, and 520 on weekends. It will remain in place until September 13. The Carlsberg Countdown Dispenser, created by Carlsberg with OMD and Clear Channel, appeared at a bus shelter outside Dhoby Ghaut MRT Station from July 27 to August 2 and then at a bus shelter along Robinson Road from August 3 through 9.

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