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WCRS Innovation Director Dino Burbidge joins FEPE International Creative Awards judges

WCRS Director of Technology and Innovation Dino Burbidge is joining the judges for this year’s FEPE International Creative Awards. For the first time these will be divided into Classic and Digital.

The Creative Awards will be revealed at this year’s FEPE International Congress in Stockholm from June 7-9.

Burbidge led the WCRS team that, along with Ocean Outdoor, won FEPE’s Creative Award at the Congress in Barcelona in June last year for the ground-breaking digital Women’s Aid campaign. This went on to win a Gold Lion at Cannes later that month.

FEPE will also make awards for Technology, Leadership and Lifetime Achievement at the Stockholm Congress.

Prior to joining leading London creative advertising agency WCRS Burbidge worked at a number of leading digital agencies, technology and entertainment companies. He has led projects for the BBC, Disney, Microsoft and Mind Candy. Latterly at WCRS he has specialized in out-of-home.

Burbidge says: “As a full-service agency, out-of-home plays a crucial role in our marketing strategy. It provides a hugely valuable dimension to the way businesses communicate with audiences.

“But great creative will always be at the core of what we do and the FEPE Creative Awards set the global benchmark.

“It’s a great honour to join the judging panel and I look forward to helping to determine the best-in-class out-of-home. I’ll be looking for a mix of the classics… right place, right message, right time but with a focus on effortless simplicity and innovation.”

FEPE International Executive Director John Ellery says: “Dino is both a radical thinker and proven practitioner in the world of contemporary advertising. His commitment to the potential of out-of-home is beyond doubt and he will bring a fascinating perspective to both of these important awards.”

All the FEPE Awards 2017 will be presented during the next FEPE Annual Congress (June 7th - 9th) in Stockholm at the Gala Dinner, to be held on Thursday June 8th 2017.

The link for the booking form for the Congress can be found HERE

FEPE members are invited to put forward your nominations for the Creative awards as well as the Technology, Lifetime Achievement and Leadership Award. Click here to download the nomination form. Nominations should be sent to Executive Director, John Ellery at by February 15th.

58th FEPE Congress in Stockholm: Bookings are now open!

We are now taking delegate bookings for the 58th FEPE Congress, which will be held between Wednesday June 7th and Friday June 9th 2017 at the Radisson Blu Waterfront hotel, Stockholm.

The link for the booking form can be found HERE

We will be having 2 days of presentations and panels, with high calibre speakers from across the world, all of whom will be bringing their unique viewpoints on the Out of Home industry.

This year's congress in Barcelona was FEPE's best attended yet, with over 350 attendees attending from 40 countries, both new records for us. There will be an exclusive exhibition area attached to the main congress hall, and spaces are now available to reserve. If you are a supplier who wishes to get your product in front of an audience of global OOH decision makers please email us soon so we can hold a space for you.

As usual we have negotiated a special delegate rate for the hotel rooms and delegates are able to pay by credit card or bank transfer, which we hope will make bookings easier for some overseas delegates.

Early bird registrations will be open until the end of February, which will allow delegates an extra €100 reduction regardless of FEPE membership status. Delegate fees are unchanged from last year (and several years before) at €1100 for members and €1600 for non members, plus the additional early bird reduction.

We will be announcing the Gala Dinner and Friday night social venues soon, along with our first confirmed speakers.

Further details will be announced here, and in future newsletters.

India’s Noomi Mehta joins FEPE International board

Noomi Mehta has been elected to the board of international out of home association FEPE International. He is the first representative from India’s vibrant out of home industry to sit on the FEPE board.

Mehta is currently chairman of Selvel One Group, a group of companies owning and managing the largest share of out of home advertising in India.

In a long and distinguished career he has negotiated the first private equity placement in an out of home company in India, via Citicorp Finance, founded Laser Advertising, a joint venture with MMT USA, and pioneered large format digital printing for what is now MMT (India) Pvt.

He is also director and joint owner of Professional Management Group, India’s first sports management company founded by Sumedh Shah and cricket legend Sunil Gavaskar.

FEPE president Matthew Dearden says: “We’re delighted to welcome Noomi to the FEPE International board, for his own entrepreneurial abilities and also as a representative of one of the fastest growing and most important out of home industries worldwide.”

Mehta says: “FEPE International is now a truly global organisation and I’m delighted to be able to bring an increased Asian perspective to the important work FEPE is doing developing and marketing the industry worldwide.”

Former ISBA media chief Bob Wootton joins FEPE International as Executive Director Designate

FEPE International has today announced the appointment of Bob Wootton as Executive Director Designate with immediate effect.

He will work alongside current Executive Director and industry doyen John Ellery until the next FEPE Congress in Stockholm in June 2017, after which will assume a fuller role.

John Ellery, Executive Director FEPE, said: "I am delighted that Bob Wootton has agreed to join the FEPE team. We’ve worked together and known each other for many years and I know that his enthusiasm and his media and out of home knowledge will be a great asset for FEPE International.”

Matthew Dearden, outgoing Clear Channel CEO EMEA and current FEPE President, said: "John has played a huge role in building FEPE and the OOH industry worldwide to the status it enjoys today. In Bob Wootton we’re fortunate to have someone who can build on this to take the industry into a new era of positive growth.”

Bob Wootton said: “Out of home offers the very best of both worlds - brand fame at scale and hyperlocal targeting and integration. “I'm delighted to be joining FEPE at such an exciting time for the industry. John, general secretary Mark Flys and the team have done a great job establishing FEPE as the go-to place in out of home. “I'm looking forward to maintaining this momentum and helping drive FEPE even further forwards."


Posterscope announced as new FEPE Platinum Sponsor

Out-of-home (OOH) communications agency Posterscope announced today its new platinum sponsorship with FEPE International. 

Annie Rickard, Global President of Posterscope Worldwide said, “What impresses me about FEPE is the ability of the organisation to bring together the OOH industry from around the world.

“There is an opportunity for us all to collaborate and work towards a consistent global approach for OOH.  As we move into the digital economy, the more we can share with each other around the world, the better the value we can create for advertisers.”

FEPE President Matthew Dearden said, “We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with Posterscope. Their global influence, excellent campaigns and innovation in the OOH space makes them the perfect partner to work with to roll out our global initiatives.

“Posterscope’s Global President Annie Rickard has led the transformation of Posterscope from a UK poster specialist into a major global force in all aspects of OOH. Her contribution to OOH was recognised by FEPE at the Leadership Award at our 57th congress in Barcelona this year and we’re looking forward to collaborating with Posterscope, bringing her wealth of knowledge and experience.”

Matthew Dearden to remain FEPE President

Matthew Dearden has agreed to stay on as FEPE President for the forseeable future – until the end of 2016 at the earliest – at the invitation of the FEPE worldwide board.

Dearden is stepping down as President of Clear Channel Europe.

Dearden played a leading role at the recent FEPE Congress in Barcelona and is heavily involved in planning future FEPE initiatives including the 2017 Congress which will be held in Stockholm.
FEPE Executive Director John Ellery says: “Matthew has impressed everyone at FEPE with his dynamism and commitment and we’re delighted he has agreed to remain FEPE President through 2016.”

Getting it Seen and Getting it Right

By Dennis Sullivan

Before you start reading this, let me nail my flag firmly to the mast, lest you begin by thinking that it is written by an out of touch, Luddite who is unwilling to recognize the operational and financial benefits that new technology brings to the OOH business.

The advent of Digital signage is not just the most significant and positive move seen in the business (some would say since the arrival of aluminum ladders !), but it is singularly the most important catalyst for display consistency in all markets, tighter audience targeting and continued revenue growth in the OOH sector.

I have championed of the growth of Digital for many years and I take my hat off to site owners around the world for the way they have embraced a concept which at the beginning took an enormous act of faith, as well as capital expenditure.

Sure, the promise of maximizing revenue from single locations by six to eight times helped, but when you are running global businesses you need to be pretty sure that your investments are really going to increase your bottom line.

So now we have a ubiquitous presence of digital OOH units in most global markets from street signage to airport advertising and from shopping malls to sports arenas and other destination based venues.

Of course, not all OOH is digital and the traditional static sites which still exist in large numbers(and will continue to exist) attract continued revenue from advertisers alongside, or in isolation from digital.

Such static sites now have the nomenclature “Classic” and there was much debate at the recent FEPE congress in Barcelona about their future sales potential in this growing digital marketplace.

In fact almost 60% of global OOH inventory is still Classic.

I am convinced that these two very separate sectors of today’s OOH business need two very separate marketing strategies, to allay the fears that the rising superstar called digital, will in time, steal most of the “Classic” revenue.

I am also convinced that with the right approach, the two can continue to exist side by side very profitably for both owners and advertisers alike.

I believe that the conundrum, that was debated at length in Barcelona, and which is commonplace in marketing operations globally is analogous with many FMCG advertisers who launch a new brand that competes with their existing stable.

A drinks manufacturer would not expect to ruin the sales of its 33cl bottled beer when launching a 66cl version, nor would a confectionary company expect sales of their 100 year old chocolate bar to decline if they introduced a new brand choice to the consumer.

Why then should we assume that sales of “Classic” sites will decline as digital revenue grows if we get our sales and marketing strategies correct?

Over time I am sure that there will almost certainly be some sort of “Classic” site culling to fine tune site quality, and this “less is more” approach could form one of the points of difference in future marketing strategies between Classic and digital.

In listening to some of the panel sessions I was concerned that some thinking was going too far too fast and that we must remember that we are in the OOH business and not merely selling TV airtime.

One of the intrinsic strengths of OOH is that it has always existed as the only pure advertising medium. The medium is the message and OOH, whether Classic or digital, has no programme content or editorial matter to attract a particular audience.

If you think about it, morning newspapers are usually read in the mornings, evening newspapers in the evenings and TV is at its highest audience rating levels in the evenings too. Thus the audiences receive their messages in very different states of mind.

Whether in Classic or digital format, OOH is there 24/7 just asking to be looked at, with nothing to attract a particular audience other than the message which is being displayed.
Of course, some digital locations where people have time to dwell can accommodate engaging content, whilst others where the audience in on-the-move needs content that can subconsciously interrupt.

But in the first instance it will always be the advertisement that first attracts the audience and not the content.

Only when a connection between the product and the content has been established will the propensity to buy be increased.

So it seems to me that if we really want our two revenue streams of Digital and Classic to mature further, develop and grow, we must recognise that the creative treatments for both need to be approached in very different ways.

So it must be Education, Education, Education !!

And not just for creative agencies and clients, but also us in the OOH business

This should be at the very top of our marketing strategy list because failure to educate creative people and advertisers on this most fundamental of issues, will result in the OOH business losing ground in what is the most opportunistic period we have ever known.

At the FEPE Barcelona congress, Mark Craze mentioned the importance of creative work in terms of not only being more important in OOH than in any other medium, but also of it being absolutely vital to the success or otherwise of the advertisers campaign.

I not only endorse that view 100% but even more I felt some discomfort that we might not go further in terms of getting back to basics.

I am concerned that we might run the risk of deserting the very creative fundamentals which have served our industry so well up to now.

Although Digital opens an exciting new revenue door, content should be relevant, reflect simplicity, attract attention & surprise the consumer, because advertisers are increasingly keen to achieve brand stand-out from the greater impact generated by moving images, while exploiting the creative and tactical possibilities that the flexibility of digital OOH offers – whilst at the same time enjoying lower production & distribution costs.

Flexibility is the key benefit.  The modern customer-centric advertiser needs to move fast in the techno-world of price transparency, level playing fields and intense global competition.  Digital OOH allows advertisers to change their offers rapidly, develop dynamic messaging and deliver copy appropriate to the audience and frame-of mind.  This heralds a new level of precision and tactical messaging in outdoor, with ads able to be varied according to the time of day, day of week, state of the weather - even what’s in the media.  

So I’m convinced that the future success of the OOH business remains firmly in the area of new technology, and particularly how we grasp the opportunities of maximizing the synergies of OOH with the Mobile industry.

But at the root of this view is my further conviction that the creative disciplines required for Classic and digital are worlds apart. So much so that I think it would be a major error of judgment to assume that whatever the creative content might be for digital, will be suitable for Classic, and vice versa.

These two quite distinct disciplines have the same common denominators but it is my belief that the way we create for digital should follow the time honoured “rules” for Classic, with the addition of relevant content .

Whether Classic or digital, the medium is still the message.

Whether Classic or digital, OOH is still a pure adverting medium

Whether Classic or digital, the audience will be attracted by the message and not the content.

I applaud the Lamar company in Baton Rouge who were one of the early adopters of digital roadside signage. They created their very own digital creative department to help advertisers get the very best out of their digital displays.

They quickly recognized the points of difference between creating for static billboards and Digital, but simultaneously played to the strengths of our medium by using the same rules for digital creative that have served the OOH industry so well over the years.

The result has been that their Classic sites have still thrived.

It seems to me that there is no reason why Classic signage can’t flourish alongside digital in today’s market, provided that we recognize the need to continually educate clients and creative agencies about the inherent creative strengths of a medium that’s been around forever.
And of course provided that we in the OOH industry keep our feet on the ground and always have in mind that we are not selling TV airtime, we are not content providers and we are not trying to sell ads in commercial breaks.

Dennis Sullivan 10 June 2016

FEPE International Awards 2016

FEPE International President Antonio Vincenti announced the winners of the global Out of Home association's 2016 Awards at the FEPE Congress in Barcelona last night (2nd June).

The award winners were chosen by a jury of FEPE board directors and former Presidents, all senior representatives from the worldwide OOH industry.

The joint winners of the Lifetime Achievement Award were Nancy Fletcher, President and CEO of the Outdoor Advertising Association of America and John Ellery, Executive Director of FEPE.

Winner of the Creative Award was a campaign for UK charity Women's Aid from Ocean Outdoor and London advertising agency WCRS. This was a high impact digital campaign tackling the issue of domestic violence in a dramatic and compelling way.

The campaign for International Women's Day 2015 used gaze tracking technology to trigger changes on the screen so the woman victim's bruises heal as more people respond to the challenge: Look At Me.

Annie Rickard FEPE Leadership AwardThe FEPE Leadership Award went to Annie Rickard, Global CEO of Posterscope, for her work in transforming a UK poster specialist into a major global force in all aspects of OOH. Posterscope is now owned by Dentsu Aegis.

The FEPE Technical Award went jointly to Portuguese OOH companyMOP and technology company TOMI Worldwide for their network of ground-breaking digital screens in Lisbon, bringing the latest news, information and brand messages to people in the Portuguese capital.

FEPE President Vincenti says: "all the awards illustrate the way the OOH industry worldwide is becoming even more dynamic in the ever changing digital age.

"The Creative Award to Ocean and WCRS shows the power of digital creativity to do good in the world.

"The Technical Award to MOP/TOMI World shows how digital technology can help transform an urban landscape.

"Annie Rickard's leadership at Posterscope has been a remarkable achievement while Nancy Fletcher and John Ellery have played key roles in developing this global industry and helping to steer it into an exciting and prosperous future.

"Nancy has contributed massively in building the OAAA into a formidable force in the United States. John also played a leading role in establishing and managing important international networks at Poster Publicity and then Portland. Whilst with FEPE, John the ultimate Global networker, has done much to bring together our industry allowing it to navigate its way towards an exciting and prosperous future.

"FEPE today, representing Global as well local OOH owners, agencies and a vast and growing number of technology suppliers worldwide, was almost unimaginable ten year ago.

"Nancy and John's Lifetime Achievement Awards are a fitting way to mark their huge roles in this transformation."

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